Try Diving in Micronesia

Blessed with an exotic tropical climate, Micronesia is a country located in the north western Pacific Ocean. Micronesia is divided into four states, namely Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk, and Yap. Each of these four states has unique characteristics, making Micronesia a particularly interesting place to explore.

Try Diving in MicronesiaThe state of Chuuk has a large lagoon and is an excellent place for wreck diving and snorkeling. A great way to explore the natural beauty of Kosrae is by taking a 2-hour outrigger canoe trip through the Utwe/Walung Biosphere Marine Reserve. This state is blessed with colorful coral reefs and rainforests, making it a great place for those who enjoy adventure activities.

Pohnpei is a great spot for surfing, and other water sports such as kayaking are also popular here. There are numerous activities available for the adventurous types such as trekking through the jungle and exploring the lush mangrove forests. Last but certainly not least, Yap is comprised of 134 islands and atolls and twenty of these are inhabited. The truly adventurous will find plenty to do here and exploring the traditional village of Balabat is one of the highlights of Micronesia.

There are a number of luxurious four and five-star hotels in Micronesia which feature an excellent range of modern conveniences. Perhaps the best place to stay is the city of Kosrae, where a top of the range hotel can be found for US$115 to $130. These hotels are also good places to arrange activities and excursions.

There is a small airport in Micronesia, which receives flights from Continental Airlines three times a week. Most people fly to Guam or Honolulu from places such as North America, Australia, and Asia and then take a connecting flight to Micronesia. It is also possible to arrive by ferry from the surrounding islands. All of this and more is just waiting to be enjoyed when you arrange a diving vacation in Micronesia.