Top 5 diving destinations in Europé

Diving is an enthralling activity for people of all ages, the more training you get, the safer and more exhilarating it becomes.This is when you learn how to use equipment like a breathing apparatus that will allow you to go deeper to experience a magical underwater world. Divers want to find lots of exciting marine life and colourful coral reefs which can only be found in the best diving destinations. Europe is famous for it beautiful sea- and landscapes, and it is a top diving destination. Part of the top 5 diving destinations in Europe would be Chios Island, Greece. You’ll find underwater caves, magnificent rock formations, and fascinating shipwrecks.

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Find all kinds of useful and reliable information on travel, history, and sightseeing. Sponsored by, the site exists so as to promote different types of education among schools in the UK of which diving is one. Young divers will learn about diving destinations in Europe such as Ustica, Italy, one of the best dive locations in the Mediterranean complete with old shipwrecks. Diving is a great way for young people to find out about the cultures of different individuals in a beautiful setting. The South of France is great if you want to go on advanced wreck dives and see sunken submarines and cargo ships.

Mesmerising Scenes under the Sea

Europe is alive with extraordinary diving, allowing you to explore magnificent marine life, reefs, and wrecks. Spain is another great Europe diving destination and the Medes Island Marine Reserve on the Costa Brava offers mesmerising diving with fish that are tame. You’ll enjoy some amazing cave diving with rays. The Isle of Man in the UK is the 5th Europe diving site which is regarded as a top diving site. Here you can swim with dolphins and other large marine creatures as well as explore the many thrilling shipwrecks from the illustrious 1st- and 2nd World Wars.