The World’s Best Diving Sites

People who have a love for diving are really spoiled for choice as there are hundreds of locations all over the world where they can slip beneath the surface of the water and experience something new. However, this can make it very hard to choose where to go on a diving vacation. Here are some of the best diving sites in the world that are just waiting to be enjoyed.

Cocos Island in Costa Rica

Cocos Island in Costa RicaThis enchanting island is just four miles in length and is believed to be the inspiration for Jurassic Park. While nature lovers are sure to be in their element exploring the dramatic scenery, the waters that surround the island are also just waiting to be explored. Among the types of marine life that can be spotted by divers here are hammerhead and whitetip reef sharks, while the coral reefs themselves are simply bursting with color and life.

Magnetic Island in Australia

This enchanting island is situated just a short boat trip away from Queensland on the mainland and boasts water with very high visibility. Divers travel here all year round for the chance to explore the magnificent wreck of the S.S. Yongala and the surrounding coral reef.

Ambergris Caye in Belize

This area is home to the second largest coral reef in the world and offers spectacular diving opportunities. The cool, clear waters here are simply teeming with life and one of the most popular dive sites is the famous Blue Hole.

Ras Mohammed National Park in the Red Sea of Egypt

People who have a love for diving and want to sample some of the best that nature has to offer will want to make sure that they head straight to Yolanda Reef. This is the perfect place to view a gigantic wreck and the area is also home to a richly diverse range of marine life.