Diving Opportunities in Taiwan

Taiwan’s government has wisely established six national parks and 11 national scenic areas to protect the country’s environmental and cultural sites. Several of these resorts incorporate the country’s mountains, many of which reach over 3,000m and are responsible for Taiwan’s nickname ‘The Mountainous Island’.

Taiwan is home to northeast Asia’s highest mountain, Jade Mountain, Diving Opportunities in Taiwanwhich is nearly 4,000m at its peak. Most of the mountain range is protected from the city and is a great place for hiking. Southeast of Taipei is Sungshan Reserve, encompassing four mountains which are covered with dense forests.

The Taroko Gorge in Tienhsiang is a stunningly beautiful, 19-kilometre gorge with sheer cliff walls, through which a forceful river of white water gushes. Be sure to visit the Eternal Spring Shrine, which is built over a waterfall just above the entrance to the gorge and is a memorial to the 450 workers who died building the Taroko Highway. At the top of the gorge is a tranquil little resort, resting between impressive cliffs. Continuing on from Tienhsiang, you will come across Wenshan Hot Springs, a pleasant place to spend a night.

Taiwan is also blessed with some gorgeous coastal areas. Penghu National Scenic area consists of 64 islets in the Taiwan Strait, with a flat landscape and breathtaking views. In the Pacific Ocean, southeast of Taiwan, Lanyu, and Green Island are oases of natural beauty and offer excellent opportunities for whale spotting and scuba diving.

Lanyu Island, otherwise known as Orchid Island, is home to 4,250 Yamis, one of Taiwan’s indigenous tribes. They live a simple life, existing off catches from the sea, taro and island fruits. On the northern coast, don’t miss the 475-metre Goddess of Mercy Mountain, with its enormous statue of the Buddhist deity, Kuanyin.

The Matzu National Scenic Area is made up of five islands. Nankan features most of the tourist attractions; Peikan is known for its stone houses and fish noodles; Chukang has a historical lighthouse, and Tungyin’s amazing rock formations are well worth seeing.